Template:ImportTemplate:League-stub The Argentine football league system is organised as follows: the first two leagues include clubs from the whole country, while the third to fifth leagues are divided geographically, into clubs from the Greater Buenos Aires area (which holds around a third of the country's population) and clubs from the rest of the country.

Level Divisions
1st Primera División
20 clubs
2nd Primera B Nacional
20 clubs
3rd Primera B Metropolitana
21 clubs
Torneo Argentino A
25 clubs
4th Primera C Metropolitana
20 clubs
Torneo Argentino B
48 clubs
5th Primera D Metropolitana
18 clubs
Torneo del Interior
264 clubs
6th Local football leagues

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Regional championships

Football in Argentina

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Primera B Metropolitana List of clubs
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Primera D Metropolitana (by capacity)
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