Template:ImportTemplate:Cup-stub Template:Infobox football tournament The Football Association Challenge Trophy, commonly known as the FA Trophy, is a knockout cup competition in English football, run by and named after The Football Association and competed for primarily by semi-professional teams. The competition was instigated in 1969 to cater for those non-league clubs which paid their players and were therefore not eligible to enter the FA Amateur Cup. Eligibility rules have changed over time, but as of 2008 the competition is open to clubs playing in Steps 1-4 of the National League System, equivalent to levels 5-8 of the overall English football league system. This covers the Football Conference, the Southern League, Isthmian League, and Northern Premier League. Clubs in levels 5 to 7 of the National League System play in the FA Vase instead.

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League competitions The FA Cup competitions
Premier League England (B) (C) FA Cup
The Football League (U-21) (U-20) Football League Cup
(Champ, 1, 2) (U-19) (U-18) FA Community Shield
Football Conference (U-17) (U-16) Football League Trophy
(Prem, N, S) List of clubs FA Trophy
Northern Premier List of stadiums Conference League Cup Template:Small
(Prem, 1N, 1S) (by capacity) FA Vase
Southern League List of leagues
(Prem, 1Mid, 1S&W) Records
Isthmian League
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