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Gremio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense
Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense
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Campeonato Brasileiro Série A 2010

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Atlético GoianienseTemplate:, Atlético MineiroTemplate:, Atlético ParanaenseTemplate:, AvaíTemplate:, BotafogoTemplate:, CearáTemplate:, CorinthiansTemplate:, CruzeiroTemplate:, FlamengoTemplate:, FluminenseTemplate:, GoiásTemplate:, GrêmioTemplate:, GuaraniTemplate:, InternacionalTemplate:, PalmeirasTemplate:, PrudenteTemplate:, SantosTemplate:, São PauloTemplate:, Vasco da GamaTemplate:, Vitória

Campeonato Brasileiro Série A seasons

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1971Template:, 1972Template:, 1973Template:, 1974Template:, 1975Template:, 1976Template:, 1977Template:, 1978Template:, 1979Template:, 1980Template:, 1981Template:, 1982Template:, 1983Template:, 1984Template:, 1985Template:, 1986Template:, 1987Template:, 1988Template:, 1989Template:, 1990Template:, 1991Template:, 1992Template:, 1993Template:, 1994Template:, 1995Template:, 1996Template:, 1997Template:, 1998Template:, 1999Template:, 2000Template:, 2001Template:, 2002Template:, 2003Template:, 2004Template:, 2005Template:, 2006Template:, 2007Template:, 2008Template:, 2009Template:, 2010Template:, 2011Template:, 2012Template:, 2013Template:, 2014Template:, 2015Template:,

Football in Brazil

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League competitions The BFC Cup competitions
Série A Brazil Copa do Brasil
Série B (U-20) (U-17)
Série C List of clubs
Série D List of stadiums
(by capacity)
List of leagues

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